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2023 Graduates

Jacob M. Berg, '23 BS Finance & Accounting, Minor in Business Analytics

Jacob majored in Finance and Accounting at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, with a minor in Data Analytics at the School of Information Studies. His passion for finance sprouted from a cumulation of his interest in the stock market, his introduction to financial advisory at a young age, and his desire to find any way possible to help someone in need. Ever since a family member taught him about the satisfaction he obtained from financial planning, Jacob has been driven to expand his knowledge of value investing and make finance his future. On top of being a Junior Analyst for the Orange Value Fund, Jacob is heavily involved with Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity. He was previously elected as the Head Chairman of Philanthropy for Delta Sigma Pi, and he has aspiration of becoming a future Vice President of Finance. Additionally, he is a member of Syracuse University's Investment Club, a Whitman Ambassador, and a Whitman Peer Mentor. This upcoming summer, he will be interning at MassMutual, a financial services company, where he will work on market research and interpersonal communication skills. Jacob hopes that his passions for investing and helping others will cultivate a successful career in the financial services industry.

Jacob is curently a Fixed Income Analyst at Morgan Stanley and his LinkedIn page is:

Nathan Black, '23 BS Finance & Supply Chain Management

Nate majored in Finance and Supply Chain Management, while pursuing a minor in Data Analytics in the iSchool. His passion for finance sparked at an early age, when he took a stock market class in 7th grade and fell in love with following the markets. Outside of the classroom, Nate serves as the President for Whitman's Franklin Supply Chain Management Club and is a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional Business Fraternity. Nate also works in the office of financial literacy as a Smart Money Coach, where he holds weekly meetings with students to help them better understand their personal finances. This upcoming summer, Nate will work for Excellus BlueCross BlueShield as a finance intern. Nate believes that the Orange Value Fund will help him gain the skills and experience to launch a successful career in Sales and Trading.

Nathan is currently with the Incoming Trader Development program at BP and his LinkedIn page is:

Julia Fein-Ashley, '23 BS Finance & Accounting

Julia double majored in finance and accounting. Her passion for finance stemmed from her introduction to finance class, along with the fact that she began actively managing her own personal portfolio. In addition to being involved with the Orange Value Fund, she was a member of Beta Alpha Psi, as well as the Real Estate Club. This summer she will be a member of the Fetner Real Estate and Architecture program. Along with both finance and accounting, she enjoys fitness and traveling in her free time. Julia hopes that the Orange Value Fund will help her develop a strong foundation for future endeavors in finance, as well as her career.

Julia is currently an incoming GIR Analyst with Goldman Sachs and her LinkedIn page is:

Joseph C. Horovitz, '23 BS Finance & Economics

Joseph Horovitz majored in finance and economics. Joseph's interest in finance stemmed from his economics and mathematics courses, when he became fascinated with predicting trends in economies and markets using detailed, analytical thinking. Aside from his role as an analyst in the Orange Value Fund, Joseph was the treasurer of his fraternity, where he was responsible for care taking and allocating a yearly total of $450,000. He was also involved on campus, participating in the Whitman Peer Mentor program and the Tamid Investment Club. During Joseph's spring 2021 semester, he interned with a small start-up company named "Thermanostics" where he researched potential niche markets, pitched his findings, and consulted with the CEOs about potential strategies. This past summer he participated in an immersion program at "The Hartford" and learned more about their specific financial operations. He also was selected to partake in the Goldman Sach's 2021 Summer Insight Series where he learned in depth about their departments and networked with recruiters. Joseph plans to use the experience and skills gained from the Orange Value Fund as a foundation for his career in the financial services industry.

Joseph is currently an Analyst with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.and his LinkedIn page is:

Brian Herlihy, '23 BS Finance, Real Estate & Business Analytics

Brian was a triple major in Finance, Real Estate, and Business Analytics and a minor in Economics. His passion for finance was realized at a young age by learning from his mother and uncle who actively manage their own investments and eventually taught him how to build his own portfolio. Outside of the classroom Brian was the president of Sigma Phi Epsilon's New York Alpha chapter. He also completed a financial modeling level II certification From Adventis and is beyond excited to put his knowledge to the test being a junior analyst for the OVF. He interned through the Fetner Real Estate Development program.

Brian is currently an Investment Banking Analyst with Lincoln International and his LinkedIn page is:

Jonathan Lopriore, '23 BS Finance & Accounting

Jonathan majored in finance and accounting. Jonathan became fascinated with investments and the markets from a course he took in high school that taught him the basics of investments and economics. Through his participation in the Whitman on Wall Street experience where he was able to meet and network with professionals and alumni at financial firms, Jonathan was able to determine that he wants to pursue a career in either wealth or asset management. Beyond academics, Jonathan is an active member of the Syracuse University Investment Club, as well as a member of the professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. Jonathan continues to develop his professional and technical skills and hopes that his passion for the industry and involvement will help him to succeed in his career.

Jonathan is currently an Structured Finance Analyst at E&Y and his LinkedIn page is:

Ethan Montgomery, '23 BS Finance & Business Analytics

Ethan double majored in Finance and Business analytics. Originally from Winnetka, Illinois, his interest in the finance started in junior high through an investment competition and analyzing market trends. At Syracuse, Ethan demonstrates leadership as a Whitman Peer Mentor and Head of Member Development in the Investment Club. Outside of the management school, he serves as President of his fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon. He looks forward to developing a strong skillset through the Orange Value Fund program that will prepare him for a career in financial services.

Ethan is currently with PwC as an Associate Consultant in their Strategic PMO Managed Services and his LinkedIn page is:

Alec Ostrowidzki, '23 BS Finance, Accounting & Business Analytics, minor in Economics

Alec majored in Finance, Accounting, and Business Analytics with a minor in Economics. Alec's passion for Finance stems from his high school internship at a local financial consulting firm called Gretchen Meyer Financial. That passion was piqued when he was selected for the Whitman on Wall Street Trip where he was exposed to the numerous paths that were ahead of him. Outside of the Classroom, Alec was involved in the professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi where he was previously the Vice President of Community Service and is currently serving as the Philanthropy Chair. He was also the Treasurer and Vice President of the Professional Fraternity Council, a member of the Renée Crown Honors program, and was a brother of the Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Fraternity. This summer, he will be interning at Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management where he will help manage finances of ultra-high net worth individuals. Alec leveraged these previous experiences into a successful time as an Analyst in the Orange Value Fund and then into his career in financial services.

Alec is currently an Analyst with Goldman Sachs Asset Management and his LinkedIn page is:

Thomas Park, '23 BS Finance, minors in Applied Statistics and Economics

Thomas Park majored in Finance with minors in Applied Statistics and Economics. His passion for investing and the market started in high school during a competition for his stock market class. His passion solidified when he started interning for Green Ridge Wealth Planning. As an intern, Thomas updates information on portfolio positions, researches market trends, and pitches stocks and ETFs. Thomas was also a member of the Growth Fund in the SU Investment club. Outside of the classroom he likes to work out, golf, play basketball, and snowboard. This summer Thomas will continue to intern for Green Ridge Wealth Planning where he will further improve his analysis skills and knowledge in asset management.

Thomas is currently … and his LinkedIn page is:

Randall Pierce, '23 BS Finance & Accounting

Randy majored in Finance and Accounting at the Whitman School of Management and minored in Economics. His passion for numbers began at a young age through math and statistics, specifically regarding sports. As he grew older, this interest transitioned to the business world as he developed a curiosity for the flow of money and market trends. Throughout Randy's time at Syracuse, he has been able to pursue his interest through involvement in SU Investment Club as well as his appointment of Vice President of the finance and accounting professional fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi. Randy is looking forward to continuing to grow his skillset and experience through the Orange Value Fund as he prepares to attain a role in Investment Banking or Business Consulting.

Randy is currently a Structured Finance Analyst at EY and his LinkedIn page is:

2022 Graduates

Amanda Blutig, '22 BS Finance & Information Management

Amanda pursued a degree in Finance at the Whitman School of Management and minored in Information Management & Technology. Her passion for finance stems from growing up with a mother in finance and a father who was constantly teaching her about the market and investing which then led her to invest in her own personal portfolio. On top of being involved in the Orange Value Fund, she was involved in the Renée Crowne University Honors Program, Delta Sigma Pl and a financial literacy initiative that teaches local middle school students the fundamentals of finance. She was also a finance intern at Sirius XM+ Pandora where she gained more exposure to the financial world. Amanda believes the Orange Value Fund helped her gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in sales and trading. She interned at Bank of America as a Sales and Trading Summer Analyst in the Summer of 2022.

Amanda is currently a sales and trading analyst at Bank of America. Her LinkedIn page:

Jordan Concolino, '22 BS Finance and Management

Jordan Concolino double majored in finance and management. Her passion for finance began when working at her dad's accounting firm. Outside of the classroom Jordan was involved in Future Generation Investors which tutors students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds in investing and provides them with resources to invest. She also worked at a fitness studio, Barre3, and an accounting firm while at school. She gained a deeper understanding of finance through OVF and translated this to a career in the financial services industry. She interned at EY within their Financial Services Business Consulting sector in Summer of 2022.

Jordan is currently an Associate at Ankura, CFO office. Her LinkedIn page:

David Dugan, '22 BS Finance and Business Management

David double majored in finance and business management while minoring in economics. His curiosity for finance began at a young age while watching stock tickers dart across the screen on the news before school. Throughout his time at Syracuse, he has found different ways to pursue this passion, through being a member of the SU Investment Club, managing his own portfolio, as well as being a student tutor for First Generation Investors. Besides finance he has a passion for fitness, skiing, and basketball. As a member of the Orange Value Fund, David honed his skills to pursue a career within Asset Management.

David is currently an FSO Business Consultant at EY. His LinkedIn page:

Mark Di Meglio, '22 BS Finance and Accounting,

Mark double majored in finance and accounting. From a young age, Mark developed a great interest in business, more specifically, securities and investing. He was first introduced to the stock market in high school and from that moment on, Mark wanted to learn as much as he could about the fascinating craft that is investing. As an Analyst at the Orange Value Fund he learned and gained real-world experience within finance. Through his time at Syracuse University, Mark was involved with many organizations and volunteer groups, some being Enactus, Beta Alpha Psi, the Rescue Mission, and WhiTax, deeming it important to give back to the community. In Summer of 2022 Mark had a Tax Consultant internship with Deloitte where he help clients analyze the tax effect of complex decisions, reduce overall tax rates, and pursue performance objectives.

Mark is currently a Tax consultant at Deloitte and his LinkedIn page is:

Gabriella Esposito, '22 BS Finance and Marketing

Gabriella majored in Finance and Marketing. As a compliment to her major studies, Gabriella also pursued an Information Management and Technology minor in the iSchool. Her love for helping others achieve their dreams through financial stability has fueled her charitable work through nonprofit organizations from an early age. Her drive to help others has been carried out through the Renée Crown Honors Program, a new outlet for her to continue her charitable work throughout college. On campus, Gabriella was an active member of Delta Sigma Pi, House Manager for Gamma Phi Beta, and a volunteer panelist for the Academic Integrity Office. Gabriella grew up surrounded by the work her father did as an Associate Vice President at HSBC Bank, which first sparked her interest in financial services. Over a decade later, Gabriella poured her passion for business and her skills polished through the Orange Value Fund into her internship as a 2022 Summer Analyst in the Securities Services division at Citi. Gabriella plans to use the skills she has learned during her time as an Analyst in the Orange Value Fund at Syracuse University as the foundation for her career.

Gabriella is currently a Securities Services Analyst at Citi and her LinkedIn page is:

Matthew Grover, '22 BS Finance and Accounting,

Matt double majored in finance and accounting. Matt's interest in finance stems from his fascination in market trends and how the operations and strategies of different types of businesses help them achieve their goals. Outside of the classroom, Matt was Vice President of the Syracuse University Investment Club and a volunteer at a local elementary school where he assisted students with their reading and writing skills. In summer 2022, Matt was a Bank Capital Analyst Intern for Invictus Group where he built loan level reports, board reports, and stress testing models catered to the impacts of COVID-19. Matt developed his skillset through his classes and the Orange Value Fund and has been using it in his endeavors in the world of business.

Matt is currently a Strategy Associate at KPMG and his LinkedIn page is:

Andrew Hollander, '22 BS Finance and Accounting

Andrew Hollander was an Analyst at Orange Value Fund, studying finance and accounting in the Whitman School of Management. Andrew's passion for business was triggered at a young age when he founded a sneaker re-sale website. Andrew's ambition and experience in financial markets led to his appointment as President of SU Investment Club and his upcoming summer analyst opportunity in Wells Far go's Corporate & Investment Banking Healthcare Group. Andrew is a Swedish-American citizen who enjoys traveling and snowboarding in his free time.

Andrew is currently an investment banking analyst at DH Capital and his LinkedIn page is:

Arsen Khanin, '22 BS Finance, Data Analytics and Economics

Born and raised in Ukraine, Arsen majored in Finance with minors in Data Analytics and Economics. Arsen interned at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, particularly the Debt Policy Department, where he gained experience in the issuance and sale of sovereign bonds. Arsen developed his leadership skills by being a member of the Ukrainian Club at Syracuse University, where he helped to organize events that spread awareness about issues Ukraine is facing, as well as helps new students from Ukraine to get used to college life.

Arsen just completed his MS in Finance from the Whitman School and his LinkedIn page is:

William Kofman, '22 BS Finance and Accounting

Will majored in finance and accounting with a minor in economics. His passion for finance comes from his desire to help others and create positive change. He has been managing a portfolio of his own savings since 2018. Along with being an analyst in the Orange Value Fund, Will was also a member of Beta Alpha Psi, where he was a finance tutor, was on the 2019 events committee, and participates in WhitTax. Outside of Whitman, Will was also on the club tennis team, as well as an avid chess player. Will is always looking to learn and believes that the Orange Value Fund helped him build a holistic business foundation for his future. In Summer 2022 he interned at BNY Mellon as a Summer Financial Analyst.

Will is currently at Tax Consultant I at Deloitte and his LinkedIn page is:

Tiffany Yang, '22 BS Finance and Information Management & Technology

Tiffany dualed with a major in Finance at the Whitman School of Management and Information Management & Technology at the School of Information Studies with a minor in Chinese language. She enjoys getting actively involved in her community. On campus. Tiffany was a tour guide for Syracuse University, a middle school volunteer tutor, and treasurer for ASIA. Having been selected to go on the Whitman on Wall Street trip, she got to picture herself working in the financial industry. Through these opportunities, she's been able to grow and network with mentors in various fields which ultimately led her to the Orange Value Fund. Tiffany interned for Citi’s Security Services in their New York City headquarters.

Tiffany is currently an Analyst at Citi and her LinkedIn page is:

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